Restaurant Reviews

Wrap City (Londonderry)

We stopped at this charming sandwich shop for lunch to go while we were out and about, so it gets a write up!

Chips – the homemade chips were very good. Crisp, salty and sweet they were a nice complement to our wraps. If you’re looking for just a salty chip, you may not like these because they finish sweet.

The Warrior – Gemma really enjoyed this; tons of meat, and the flavors really went well together. I would have liked a little more tomato. The bacon had a nice crunch to parlance out the textures.

Cape Codder – Sarah would have liked more walnut and cranberry to enhance the chicken salad, otherwise a good sandwich.

Overall, a good restaurant if you want something lighter to go. Unfortunately we don’t have pictures for this one because we were out and about and ate first. We’ll get in the swing of this eventually.