Restaurant Reviews

Tuna Striker Pub (Seabrook NH)

We visited this lovely establishment on a rainy memorial day weekend (May 30, 2021) and thoroughly enjoyed our time. Our order was the Clam Chowder and Lobster Bisque for appetizers with a Striker Old Fashioned to drink. Our entrées were Lobster Poutine and Blue Cheese Mussels.

Clam Chowder: passable, it’s what you think of when you think of a basic clam chowder. The clam chunks and potatoes on the smaller side. We enjoyed it, but it didn’t stand out.

Lobster Bisque: good flavor, and texture, tastes of lobster in every bite, but no chunks of lobster(we believe they’re purred in given the texture and flavor) but wasn’t a huge issue, we had it as a cup, but would probably be good in a bread bowl if their bread is up to it.

Striker Old Fashioned: (knob creek, brown sugar as, cherry bitters, chocolate butters, 9orangd twist) the striker’s take on an old fashion is a strong drink (don’t expect the ss to make it very sweet) the chocolate adds an interesting flavor to the bourbon, the cherry and orange don’t present very strongly past the bourbon and chocolate bitters. We enjoyed it.

Blue Cheese Mussels:

“Aaaah they’re so yummy” -Sarah.

Metal bowl of mussels in cream sauce, with 2 pieces of toasted bread.

If you don’t like blue cheese, these aren’t the muscles for you. Nice chunks of bacon but they get a little lost in the blue cheese, but add some body to the cheese sauce. “I used the shells as a spoon”. It is very much blue cheese sauce. Mussels are cooked well and tender, the cheese sauce melds well with the mussels. (Gemma agrees, but doesn’t like blue cheese). The garlic bread was a little salty with the added salt of the cheese sauce when dipping.

Lobster Poutine: a very tasty take on the poutine. For $20, getting 6 big pieces of claw meat on top was a pleasant surprise. The fries were well cooked and held up well to the cheese and sauce. The bacon adds a nice flavor and doesn’t get crowded out by the other flavors. The lobster bisque instead of gravy was a genius change to the classic formula. If anything it could have used more to balance out the cheese. The paper it was served on didn’t hold up under the wet of poutine. Sarah’s take: don’t put you poutine under the broiler, they’re not nachos. The bisque as gravy was a marvelous idea. Smaller cheese curds, no broiler, a little more bisque would have made it perfect.

French fries covered in melted cheese, lobster bisque, bacon, lobster and green onion

Other Commentary:
Melanie our server was fantastic and very attentive. She warned us the old fashioned might be a little strong (not that we were deterred).

Even for a rainy Memorial Day the ambiance was nice, would be fantastic viewing of the bay at sunset. We sat on the deck and it was a little chilly but it was cold, rainy and windy day, definitely worth a visit on a warmer day and they do have inside options, we just chose poorly.
Overall, a fantastic seasonal restaurant we’d love to revisit on a nicer day.