Restaurant Reviews

Petey’s Summertime Seafood (Rye)

We visited this tasty casual seafood restaurant in Rye on May 29, 2021. Our meal consisted of the Seafood Chowder and Coconut Shrimp for appetizers, and the fried Seafood Platter (substituting clam strips for the whole clams) which we shared for our entrée. Sarah had gone with her heart set on the mussels, but that wasn’t to be as they had run out, which is actually what spawned this blog! Gemma was determined to find the best mussels on the seacoast, but was stymied by a lack of decent reviews on seacoast area food! We decided that if no one else was going to do it, we would. So sorry for no pictures on this post.

Seafood Chowder: The chowder was thin compared to the bog standard chowder, but it makes up for it in flavor! This was one of the best chowders I’ve had, big chunks of fish and seafood, nice pieces of potato, and did I mention flavor?!

Coconut Shrimp: The shrimp was well cooked, they were tasty, crunchy, and paired well with the mango chutney. We annihilated them while waiting for our entrée.

Seafood Platter: Probably the best fried clam strips we’ve had to date (previous holder: Rocky Point Chowder House). The scallops, fish, and shrimp (both baby and large) were cooked well, but we wished the exterior batter was a little crunchier; it’s a hard line to walk with fried seafood to not overcook the food. The accompanying coleslaw was a nice addition, and Gemma doesn’t usually care much for it. The platter is a TON of food; we had our fills and still brought home at least another meal’s worth (we split it for lunch the next day).

Other Commentary:
The waitstaff was friendly and attentive, it was a nice casual eatery. We didn’t get to see the upper floor as it wasn’t open when we went, but Sarah (who had eaten there before) says it has a nice view. There’s more seating in the restaurant than parking in their lot, which is why cars park along the street. Don’t be discouraged by the on-street parking thinking they’re very busy.